What Is Soprano Ice Treatment And How It Is Effective?

Removing body hair is quite famous among the young and old these days. Who does not like smooth baby soft skin? But the process of hair removal has always remained one of pain and apprehension. Whether one shaves the hair off or uses waxing to painfully pull off the hair, both methods have drawbacks. Shaving is quite time-consuming as one will have to do so almost regularly, and waxing without any doubt is pretty painful.

It is the reason why many people like to search for pain-free and convenient methods that will remove hair without much fuss and give a long-lasting effect as well. One such popular method of hair removal is Soprano Ice Treatment.

Read on to know more about this process and how it can be effective.

What is Soprano ICE treatment?

It is a type of laser treatment that uses the collective benefits of different types of hair removal processes. In this three wavelengths are combined to make one wavelength laser. Usually, in laser treatements, only one wavelength is used to remove hair. It poses varying issues like not targeting all types of hair, not being effective on dark skin, or simply not being fast enough to cover hands and legs easily.

Therefore, in this technique, three wavelengths are mixed to ensure there is no disadvantage while removing hair. With this treatment, all type of hair is targeted easily on all skin types. Also, the process is much faster than the usual laser treatments.

In this, different type of wavelengths effectively penetrates different follicles of hair and can reach different depths to remove hair effectively.

How does it work?

The working of this treatment is pretty similar to other laser methods out there. In this, the different wavelengths form a laser that effectively reaches the hair follicle. After, reaching the hair follicle, the light energy turns into heat energy. This heat will destroy the hair roots. Roots of the air are the main reason why they grow. With no roots, the hair cannot grow or reappear. The hair will fall, and as there is no roots, new hair will not grow.

The process is certified safe, and therefore, there is nothing to worry about. It does not take much time, and one will not have to do a lot of preparation. The process hardly takes a few minutes in the case of smaller areas. However, in the case of bigger regions, the process can take longer.

A few things that one should keep in mind before coming or treatment are to avoid waxing before the process, avoid using skin products, and always use sunblock to keep the skin safe.

Recovery and results

The recovery process of the Soprano ice treatment is pretty easy and simple. There are no side effects to the procedure, and therefore there is not much downtime involved. However, one should be careful in taking care of their skin after the process.

One should avoid exposing the skin to extreme cold or heat for at least 24 to 48 hours. Avoid using the sauna and hot baths. Also, one should avoid direct sun exposure for two days. Keep the skin protected to avoid irritation as the skin tends to get sensitive after the procedure.

Usually, this treatment gives a complete hairless result after one sitting. But, there is always a possibility of a few follicles being left behind. In such cases, the hair grows out of them. Therefore, a few repeated treatments and touch-ups are a must. Most doctors suggest 4 to 6 treatments after every 4 to 6 weeks to get a complete hairless result.

Soprano ICE treatment is a highly effective hair removal treatment that gives long-lasting results. It is a painless process and is far more effective than general laser treatments. One can find some of the best clinics around town to get the treatment done.

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