Strange! The word itself makes you a bit eerie. Netflix has truly made us stricken with horror through this strange things’ series. The power of storytelling at the horizon with every sequence, pretty to amazing and to the extraordinary. With subplots running under each plot the series once starts to take you to diverse ways.

What made it so popular?

It has a wider audience as it is a multi-genre one. It tells about the upcoming evil which everyone is scared about. Horror, conspiracy, adventure, thrill, and supernatural make the story strange. It caters to the good to feel sense for 80’s children to children of today. The cliffhangers with which each series stop makes our spine chill and its hard to resist the feeling of anxiety to watch the next

Stranger things 4 season is what we are going to ponder on today. With the covid pandemic made it a little bit lagging let’s find the character in series is how portrayed. Each character has developed into a new prototype from the stereotypical ones. The fans get a feeling of riding a rollercoaster that is filled with emotions. Each situation in the show is highlighted with emotional upliftment and reunions. The monsters, the resilience, the possessed children, and the fight of evil and good along with humor make the audience tied to the chair to watch the series.

Now we can only rely upon what the teaser is giving an idea about and that too we are not sure whether it’s a play within play sort of dream someone is watching or whether it is the real Jim who is alive? The short teaser confirms the return of Jim. But whether the plot is set in Indiana? Matt Duffer indicates the loose ends and flaws that happened at the ending of season three. We also find Eleven somewhere in the laboratory locked behind an eleven-door of Hawkins. It is being told that what how much we knew about the strokes when we started watching series 2, the same changes can be expected in series 4. The death of Hopper, adoption of eleven by Bryers, shifting of their family, everything is remaining unexplored in season 3.So we can very well think about these aspects in season four. But we have enough time to wait for that


If you are stranger things test expert and have watched all the episodes, you would have met already the iconic characters who are good but not the best. Every character has its best and worst traits featuring in the series. Season four will not witness Hopper, who is a stubborn detective who goes behind the truth. Mature than his age Jim holds everyone together with his loyalty and protection. He is in want of control over his emotions and at times behaves not proportionally.

Eleven is too temperamental and has a furious temper which makes everyone afraid of her. Dustin manages to be a better one but his overrated personality seems to be quite heavy. Will, Nancy, Steve is the first 3 main characters. They stand apart from the rest and have a distinct character in the series. Will is not a closed character, he needs much improvement and we can expect him better in the next season. Though not social Jonathan manages to be brave and stand for what is right at all times. Nancy on the other hand is not self-directed, though she is committed and dedicated.

Now being said all these let’s check which character you have similarity with. these characters are realistic and can be identified with yourself at times. With so many options and so many admired ones on the list, it will be difficult for you to sort out who is the one you are similar to. The quiz set comprises 20 questions which not only checks whether you have watched all the series, the questions are crafted by experts and are not the same for every two users. The quiz encompasses questions about your strength, weakness, logic, and critical thinking skills. They aren’t any random questions made out of fun, they truly focus on the character traits and reveals to you which traits are inside you and how similar are you to the particular character.

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