Know about the process of Thermage for face in Dubai

Uncomfortable and upsetting are the drooping cheeks and confused jowls. Because elastin and gelatin production declines with age, sagging skin is primarily a time-of-life problem, despite having differing functions of these proteins. Although elastin provides people the freedom to express themselves, collagen offers firmness. Connective tissues include elastin, which has a unique property of elasticity. The degradation of collagen fibers causes wrinkles, wrinkles, and skin drooping. Thermage Therapy is a less invasive way to moisturize and tighten skin.

As we age, elastin loses elasticity, and collagen becomes more pass and stiff, resulting in wrinkles or skin droops. A non-invasive process to regain a youthful appearance. Therapy in Dubai has no downtime and has long-lasting results.

What is the thermage procedure?

By heating the inner dermis with radiofrequency, acne, oil production, and skin texture is all improved. Additionally, the heat revitalizes natural collagen, providing a pure, youthful look. 


The FDA approved Thermage Treatment in Dubai. Thermage – Face, Neck, and Eyes use a disposable gadget tip to prevent patient cross-contamination. The process restores more OK and tauter skin by renewing the current and stimulating new collagen fibers in the skin. This non-invasive procedure improves pale skin by minimizing wrinkles and rhytides and eases minor pain, including muscle aches.

Potential Causes

External and internal mechanisms both contribute to dermal aging. Intrinsic aging is caused by dehydration, collagen degradation, and elastin network breakdown. Extrinsic aging, also known as photoaging, is brought on by environmental factors, including UV rays’ absorption. This treatment encourages collagen formation in deep, healthy skin to address the underlying causes of aging.


Thermage Treatment decreases brow wrinkles, fine lines, or hooding in the bottom and top eyelids by delivering multi-polar electromagnetic energy to specific tissues. The technique also takes care of wrinkles, jowls, and sagging facial skin. Age also impacts other body components, leading to drooping, lumpy, unwanted dimples, and bulges that this Treatment could also help to correct.

How is the process carried out?

Without harming the outer layer, the heat generated by the Treatment device permeates through the epidermis or towards the dermis. The radiofrequency activates the collagen protein in the skin’s fiber epidermis while the chilling mechanism maintains the epidermis. In response to radiofrequency heating of the epidermal tissues, the fibril-containing fiber layers separate, band together, and thicken to tighten the skin below the surface. The fibrils repair themselves, restructure, and produce new gelatin protein over time. The technique additionally firms the skin. Therefore, the real advantage only becomes apparent after some time. Thermage heating and cooling cycles tighten the skin and minimize wrinkles on the face, throat, and other areas.

Who requires thermotherapy?

Thermage for face in Dubai can be used on people with flaccid cheekbones and slack jowls. There’s also no scar, no operation, no downtime, and an immediate impact because it transmits monopolar-linked radio waves.

Getting Ready for Surgery

Well before Thermage Procedure, see no need for pre-surgery preparation. Put sunscreen and moisturizer as part of your usual skincare routine.

Risk Elements

Rarely do patients experience redness, slight bruising, and swelling following a thermogenic treatment, but these adverse effects usually go away in less than a day.

Before undergoing Thermage for face in Dubai, see a skilled and certified cosmetic surgeon. The physician will explain how the non-invasive process, which addresses laxity and slackness of skin on the neck, legs, arms, buttocks, or belly, works as well as any risks that could arise. The thermage Cost Of treatment is pricey, but it’s worth it to get back your beautiful, flawless appearance. To know more, you may look over the web.

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