Kendall Mountain Lodge lies in the proudly towering mount

As part of the Silverton landscape, the guests have a different accommodation experience with a deep connection to the land and nature. If you were looking to breathe the air of the northern peaks to enjoy the endless experience of nature.

At the end of the day of the trip, the cozy and spacious guest rooms will be waiting for you in the shade of the natural vegetation, among the Kendall Mountain paths. That provides a warm family feeling of peace and relaxation. Have been blessed with the most beautiful resource – a northern, cylindrical, breathtaking landscape. As befits hospitality in the gorgeous north.

In winter, winks are white, and in spring the colors of the blossoms are reflected from every window. In summer, you can enjoy the waterfalls and streams in the vicinity, and in the fall, leaves are caressing.

Hotel in front of a motel

Since a hotel and motel have differences between them when it comes to the features that characterize their purpose, it is very useful to know the difference between a hotel and a motel. A motel is a u-shaped or square-shaped structure, made of an inner courtyard designed for parking vehicles. The hotel has a completely different design in the sense that its rooms face inwards. The motel is a mixture of the words motor and hotel. The hotel originated in the mid-18th century from the French word hôtel.

What is a hotel?

From the definition itself, we can conclude that hotels are intended for both travelers and tourists, and as such, they have facilities for long stays while motels are usually intended for overnight stays. Some hotels also have suites that provide short-term accommodation. A guest may stay at the hotel for a week or even longer in case they are on a business trip. Also, he may stay in a hotel room when he is on holiday for the weekend with his family. Hotels offer various kinds of luxuries like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, gyms, spas, and other facilities. Hotels have different ratings depending on the facilities and luxuries they offer their customers. These ratings vary from one star to seven or more in the future.

What is a motel?

Motels don’t offer too much luxury like hotels. They may offer the necessary luxuries for a short stay. Motels are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation during long trips. A special feature of the motel is that it holds a parking lot well inside its home, usually in the inner courtyard. This is different from the hotels, where usually parking lots are at walking distance of the hotel. Motels offer affordable prices and easy access to people. When traveling, a motel is a better place to stay than a hotel, as many motels are on the least commuting roads before you reach your destination.

Unlinking in between a Hotel and Motel

One of the prominent differences between a hotel and a motel is that hotels are designed for both travelers and tourists, while motels are mainly for drivers. Therefore, the facilities are also different from each other. Another difference between a hotel and a motel is that a hotel is usually well situated in a town. A motel, on the contrary, is located outside the city, usually on the least commuting roads. A motel can also be found on the streets. Hotels are suitable for long stays while motels are not suitable for long stays. Motels provide an amazing experience for families to stay especially when they are on long trips.

Lodging in Silverton

The ridge in the Silverton, facing the proudly towering mount, lies Kendall Mountain Lodge. Which specializes in hosting groups of families and couples, lovers of vacations, hiking, extreme, climbing, and nature. The Lodge is surrounded by hiking trails, cycling singles, climbing and surfing sites, and an expansive extreme offering.

When you return from your hike, ride, climb, or picnic, our wrap-around rooms will be waiting for you. Comfortable and cozy beds, a clean and caressing shower, and especially a warm and family space where you can recreate together the experiences of the day and look at the view whenever you want.

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