Injectable Steroids: What Should You Be Aware Of?

A steroid injection is a treatment that delivers a significantly high dose of medication directly to the spot in the body where the problem exists. A corticosteroid can help in reducing inflammation or pain and proves to be very beneficial in the treatment of conditions such as bursitis, tendinitis, and much more.

Injecting injectable steroids Canada into a single or more than one particular area of inflammation permits a doctor to deliver a considerable dose of the medication directly to the area causing the problem. When a doctor provides a steroid intravenously or through the mouth of a person, there are chances that an adequate amount of such a steroid is not eventually reaching the problem area.

How is a steroid given to a person?

A steroid medication is available in many forms that differ in the amount of difficulty that they pass through for being completely dissolved or the overall duration they end up staying in the body. They can also be given systematically, that is through the body or system, or at times locally to a precise location where the problem is known to exist.

A systemic steroid can be given intravenously through a vein, intramuscularly into a muscle, or orally by mouth. A local steroid can also be given via a skin cream, eye drop, ear drop, and by directly injecting into the bursae, that is, the lubricating sacs present between the bones between and beneath certain tendons, around such tendons, or through any other area with the presence of soft tissue.

A syringe along with a small needle is used to inject the steroid directly into the targeted area. A form of anesthesia is generally used beforehand with a spray or lidocaine. It is common to go through some typically minor and brief pain through the procedure. The degree of pain tends to vary concerning the location of the shot and the patient injected.

Benefits of using a steroid injection 

Before moving on to the advantages, it must be kept in mind that a steroid cannot when there exists an infection in the area that it is going to be injected in or any area present elsewhere in the body of the person injected. If a joint has already been destroyed, injections do not help.

The primary advantages that a patient can reap are a decrease in the level of pain coupled with a substantial increase in function. A steroid injection also helps in reducing joint inflammation and helps to preserve the functions and structure of joints. Local injection is considered to be tolerated perfectly and is less likely characterized to produce severe side effects when compared to any other form of medication-related to steroids.

An injectable steroid might help in avoiding the need for any other oral steroid or increase the dosage of such oral steroid which comes paired up with a risk of serious side effects.


It is not that every person develops side effects of injectable steroids Canada. The side effects and their presence directly tend to vary from one patient to other. If a steroid injection is infrequent, or around every three to four months, it is highly possible that a person might not witness any side effects, just the benefits!

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