How much does an Electric installation and condition report (EICR cost) certificate cost?

The installation of grounding measures has been required in new homes by law. It is also essential to ensure that during plumbing work or replacing pipes for the shower or boiler. The grounding would not be disconnected. Electrical installation facilities are prepared according to the regulation for interior electric facilities. It is forbidden to carry out a project of installing electricity without the approval of the building supervision company. When preparing this project, well-needed calculations must be performed.

What is Important to be careful about?

Many times, it doesn’t involve an extra charge at all. The fact that the materials are more significant than the required values is a factor that affects the eicr cost. The EICR because internal electrical facilities are considered work equipment with particular risk according to installation. Works such as repair, replacement, inspection, maintenance, and operation of equipment that have a particular risk to the health and safety of factory workers must be carried out only by licensees. Some organizations may provide internal electrical installation testing services with a qualified manager, a team of employees, and a robust infrastructure.


In cases where a particular test is needed for an electricity company audit, a grounding test, an inspection of an electrical system in a new home or after a general renovation, etc., a professional is required to have the rank of electrician and checker, otherwise the test – better or less – has no legal validity. Besides the risk involved in using an electrical facility or an untested home electrical system, the existence and integrity of the test technically and formally also have legal consequences. Ranks electrician checks there are three degrees of electrical permits recognized by the finance ministry—authorized to perform tests in low-voltage three-phase electrical installations in a current of up to 3×80 ampter. A person of this rank can perform tests in most apartments and private homes. May carry out inspections at all electrical facilities indefinitely.

How to check an electrician’s checks?

On the ministry of finance website, you can find a list of electricians checking, including full details about those with permitted electrician checks. The directive for electrical appliances was published and contains the principles for the construction and operation of indoor electrical facilities. Electrical plants’ regulation of electrical appliances is standard for explosive gas environments or the standard for residual current circuit breakers. After the tests are performed, a certificate of compliance is issued for inspection and examination.

You can easily filter the list in search by name and city. Before checking the validity, your eicr cost depends on the validity of the license of the electrician who checks. You have to check that he was legally ordained and that his license is valid. The eicr tests that will be performed will vary with organizations.

In addition, they have to method every person similarly in the certification frame and observe the applicable procedures. For audit activities, it’s miles compulsory to have certified and enough employees and ensure the non-stop improvement of the employees.

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