Guide to buying a perfect cheap banjo

Starting from Africa, the banjo is an exceptional instrument – presently a staple in country music, people, Americana music, and numerous other melodic styles. Banjos are stringed instruments with a traditionally adjusted body and long, slender neck. Banjo music is portrayed by a particular “rinky-tink” sound, even though there are various playing styles, contingent upon the music style and the performer’s preparation. There are cheap banjo and expensive banjos that beginners can buy.

Different types of cheap banjos

There are different types of banjos that beginners can invest in. It is usually advised to buy a cheap banjo for beginners and not to invest too much money initially. Some of these banjos are:

  1. Gold-Tone AC-1

Gold-Tone is one of the best quality levels for making quality banjos. In the same way as other brands, they fabricate their spending plan banjos abroad. Yet, dissimilar to different brands, Gold Tone sets them up in a shop in Florida, implying that a specialist has examined the banjo before getting into your hands. This dodges some severe issues related to modest banjos like sound, activity, and playability.


The Deering Goodtime banjo is an American-made open-back banjo that tips the scales at 4 lbs – pursuing it as an ideal choice for movement, setting up camp, or climbing. Since it is an open-back banjo, it won’t be essentially as brilliant and uproarious as a quality banjo with a resonator on it and is better prepared for lightweight travel or clawhammer style banjo.


While Ibanez is a commonly recognized name that is generally connected with guitars, they likewise have a couple of novice middle modest banjos that don’t burn through every last cent. The Ibanez B50 Banjo includes a good mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. It is a finished back banjo that brings off severe strength areas for a tone when contrasted with open-back models.

  • Oscar Schmidt OB5

Oscar Schmidt has been making banjos for north of 100 years and has forever been a confided in the brand for string instruments. Their OB5 model is surprising except for a resonator banjo, and alongside the Ibanez, B200 is an extraordinary decision for any individual who needs to evaluate some country-style picking.

The suitable banjo for you

Choosing a suitable banjo for one can be a challenging task. There are different types of banjos that one can buy. One can go for a new banjo or a used one. There are different factors that one must consider while buying a banjo. Customary banjos have either four or five strings. 5 string banjos are the most widely recognized and ideal for playing Bluegrass and Folk Music. People prefer secondhand banjos over new ones as they come cheap and can be modified later. It’s feasible to purchase a pre-owned banjo and have the activity (string level) modified, change the head, change the extension, eliminate a resonator, add a resonator (at times), and even introduce an electric guitar. After some time, these mods would cost as much as purchasing a fresh-out-of-the-box new banjo. However, they will allow you to sort out what your instrument needs while figuring out how to play.

The Sum Up

More seasoned and one-of-a-kind instruments can usually be found in music stores and pawn shops. The right instrument can have a good sound quality and a relaxed, rare look. Make sure to examine that the instrument’s body looks great, that the pot isn’t gouged or distorted, and that the neck has just an unobtrusive forward bend.

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