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All about the Costa Coffee Club app

With the Costa Coffee Club app, it is now easier to reap rewards while you enjoy the food and drink you like. Use the Costa invite and be a part of the only advantage. If you are a coffee lover, then the coffee will be your power booster to start up your morning. It does not matter if you are new to the coffee club or already a member. It is easy to set up. Just download the app on your android or iPhone and login ready to start earning points the next time you visit. As always that is 5 points for every whole pound you spend and every point is worth the penny. 

You can keep saving simply cash in. everything is on the app so you do not even have to carry a card anymore. You can also you’re the Costa invite code which is VBVP6 and you can get 200 points. You can also customize your account by picking a background and adding a picture. Whenever you fancy a coffee use the locations button to find your nearest coaster. If you are looking for something in particular then filter the search to find exactly what you want. They will even tell you how to get there so you can enjoy your favorite effortlessly.

The beginning of Costa coffee

The begging of costa coffee goes back to the time when finding a decent cup of coffee was pretty hard to track down or be found. Britain is considered the nation of tea drinkers. As per the statistics, Britain’s tea consumption was 50 times more than that’s of coffee and tea. There were just pockets of Italian immigrants that wanted to bring that culture into the UK. Some of the Italians drew a new audience to coffee in their espresso bars in style. 

It was about the coffee bar and the music scene around the coffee bar so, it was kind of fashionable and not so much the quality of the coffee that was there. This is the reason why it never expanded and stood for about 20 years. 

That was the time when two Italian brothers entered the field and costa was founded in about 1971 by Sergio Costa and Brunette Costa. The two brothers were also Italian immigrants who came to the UK and could not find the taste of home there. So, they decided that would set themselves up as a roasting and wholesale business. There also came a point when all the hotels in Parkland were serving Costa coffee. It became a very popular and successful business but the costa brothers wanted a bigger piece of the coffee action so, they started to open their cafes.

Costa coffee to be sold to Coca-Cola 

Coffee is now more popular than tea which is still Britain’s national 

drink. For the last 20 years, costa has been at the forefront and has captured the attention of many competitors. Coca-Cola has brought Costa into their growth plan and they are delivering that growth plan. On top of that, coca-cola is going to give them new products like ready-to-drink coffee and a platform to have distribution globally. 

It is claimed that coca-cola will have 10 million vending machines across the world with Costa coffee in them. The sales of coca-cola have been falling in a large part of the US and there is a possibility that Costa is the right fit at the right time for coca-cola.

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