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Barcode Creator Software

Barcode Creator is excellent, user friendly barcode creator program to instantly create, print and export multiple customizable-professional barcodes for innumerous industries.

Barcode Creator  
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Download Barcode Creator Order Now  Barcode Creator
Download Barcode Creator Order Now  Barcode Creator
Barcode Creator  
Barcode Creator is excellent, fully featured software to create and print professional barcodes precisely in minimal time and efforts for small to large scaled commercial and non-commercial organizations. Software integrates more than 26 vastly usable barcode symbologies such as UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128, ISBN, Telepen, Postnet with optional check digit feature to produce customize barcodes. Barcode Creator is designed with user friendly interface and categorizes in two basic steps to input data, set format and print or export barcodes. Application is absolutely proficient to develop highly customized barcodes by implementing user defined measurements like height, width, fonts, color, alignments, bars rotation and other designing features.   Brcode Creator

Barcode Creator appositely creates number of barcodes with constant or sequential values by selecting particular option as Constant Values or List Values. Program offers easiest way to provide additional information as item name, id etc along with Barcode Value by specifying in Text Above and Text Below format. Barcode Creator generates multiple sequential list barcodes by opt Create List with defining particular range or Import Data from text or excel format document. Software creates high resolution printable barcodes by using any ordinary, thermal or barcode printer with multiple alignments either auto, manually or pre defined labels including Apli, Avery, Aone, Ace and others. Barcode Creator Software acquires functionality to Save and Copy images for reuse of barcodes, by gathering barcodes in different image file formats including Jpeg, Gif, Bmp, Tiff, Png, Emf, Exif and others. Software supports time savvy Copy attribute and easily paste in various Windows applications such as Word, Excel, Paint, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Barcode Creator is an affordable and Windows compatible tool to generate customizable barcodes and conveniently implements on multiple layouts including ribbons, tags, assets, bands, coupons, tickets etc. Software provides standalone solution to design barcodes without using any supplementary designing software.

Barcode Creator promptly generates multiple barcodes without any specific technical expertise for lots of industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Warehouse, Stationary, Telecommunications, Transportation, Automobile, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Postal Services, Security Services, Entertainment and others
Brcode Creator


  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Generates professionally customizable barcodes.
  • Supports 26+ barcode fonts.
  • Creates barcodes with additional information.
  • Produces batch constant and sequential barcode list.
  • Designs printable barcodes with ordinary or barcode printers.
  • Copy barcodes for using in other Windows applications like Paint, Word and others.
  • Prints with all pre defined labels like Apli, Avery, Ace etc.
  • Multiple barcodes print in single or ore page.
  • Create barcodes for several industries such as Warehouse, ItemPricing, HealthCare etc.
  • Import and export through Text or Excel files.
  • Economical and effortless barcode creating software.
  • Time Savvy and quickly generates multiple barcodes.
  • Offers all prominent designing features and barcode fonts.
  • Completely Windows compatible stand alone program.
  • Easy to configure and operate, technical expertise is not required.
  • Provides effectual Help for convenient designing and printing of barcodes.

Codabar Code 39 Extended Industrial 2 of 5 Planet
Code 11 EAN.UCC 128 Intelligent Mail Postnet
Code 128 Code 93 Extended Interleaved 2 of 5 Telepen
Code 128 A Code 93 ISBN 10 UPC A
Code 128 B EAN 13 ISBN 13 UPC E
Code 128 C Ean 8 Mat 25  
Code 39 GS1 MSI  
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